What we do

We develop financial tools and decentralized applications running on the Bitcoin blockchain and other side chains.

We guide you through the process of fully integrating Bitcoin into your supply chain, website, online store or distributed application.

Thanks to our consultancy services, both companies and self-employed professionals will easily learn how to benefit from crypto 2.0 tools.

We focus on the development of blockchain applications, DAOs and smart contracts, thus always relying on crypto 2.0 technologies.

Through our blockchain/bitcoin specialists we offer a number of different types of training programmes for individuals and organisations.

We are concerned about privacy and network security. We provide you with the right encryption tools for secure communication and operation.

We are always open to new proposals and new ideas, and we welcome any opportunity for collaboration in this area.

How we do it

We primarily work with open source technologies on collaborative development environments, both public (Github) and private (GitLab).

We develop OP_RETURN script opcodes for storing data in the Bitcoin blockchain. Document integrity, timestamping, and data ownership.

We focus on the Ethereum and Counterparty platforms for decentralized crypto 2.0 application developement.

Ongoing projects

We are giving shape to the white paper for a crypto 2.0 application on the Ethereum platform for custom clearance and international trade document handling (LC, FCO, BCL, NCDA-IMPFA, LOI). Auditable shiping transactions, verifiable chain of custody, certifiable authenticity of transportation records, letter of credit proof of existence, document ownership and authoring.
Our proof of existence (POE) platform aims to anonymously and securely store an online distributed POE ledger for any document, without the need of storing the actual document. Thus, there is no need to worry about data being accessed by others. Your document's existence is permanently validated by the blockchain, so there is no need to trust any third party or central authority.
We are developing a bitocoin to gold certificate platform which aims to avoid bitcoin/fiat fluctuation issues, and opens a door to blockchain oriented long term crypto saving plans.
We are working on a mobile app which will allow to easily transfer value using Bitcoin as a vehicle to any mobile money recipient (MTN, M-PESA, etc.) The recipient will easily receive a sender's remittance direct to his mobile.
We are building our first Decentralized Autonomous Organisation DAO for blockchain.cat and some of it's basic functionality smart contracts